Shadval Gold Loan

Gold Loan is a Loan which you can avail at easiest way at any time of need. In Shadval Pay . this loan is available at the competitive rate of interest.

  1. Are you planning a long vacation or a lavish dream wedding?
  2. Do you want to proceed for higher studies or wish to renovate your home?
  3. If you are in the middle of a medical emergency and want to get money as soon as possible


“Shadval Gold Loan is a safe and simple way for you make the gold in your locker work for you. Fulfill your immediate financial needs with Shadval Pay’s Gold Loans.”

Gold loans are the quickest way to get funds for personal or business requirements. The funds from gold loans can be used for weddings, education, business expansion or any other similar purpose. With minimal documentation and secure storage, our gold loans are a simple funding option to meet your needs.

*Term & Conditions Apply.

We Are Ready To Provide Gold Loan's

Lowest Interest Rate

Shadval Gold Loan comes with competitive interest rates on Term Loan.


Fast Disbursal

Get funds instantly against your Gold, and repay at your own convenience

Easy Documentation

All you need is an address proof and a PAN card to get Shadval Gold Loan

Physical KYC Documents

  1. Adhaar(UID)
  2. Income Tax PAN Card
  3. Driving License
  4. Passport
  5. Election Commission ID Card
  6. job card issued by NREGA
  1. Adhaar(UID)
  2. Driving License
  3. Passport
  4. Election Commission ID Card
  5. job card issued by NREGA