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Our verification service is easy to integrate into your existing systems, and our flexible API allows for seamless integration. Trust Shadval Pay's verification service for robust identity verification and fraud prevention to safeguard your business and customers.

1. Bank and UPI Account Verification

Bank and UPI Account Verification – Verify bank account and UPI address details instantly
Verify bank accounts and UPI address and holder name during onboarding KYC and before making payouts or bank transfer.

  • Making transactions fool-proof by verifying Account Holder Name
  • Validate the accuracy of bank account details
  • Match the name with account holder name
  • Verify if the IFSC is correct

We provide complete account verification suite:
– Bank account        – UPI ID           – IFSC –

Verification support for accounts of 600+ banks, Verify beneficiary accounts, account holder name, IFSC codes and UPI IDs for 600+ banks including public, private, rural and cooperative banks.

Beneficiary name verification – Verify the beneficiary name against the account holder name at the bank
Know accurate reason for verification failure – Verification can fail due to reasons like invalid account number, incorrect IFSC, blocked, frozen or closed account. Know exactly why verification failed in real time.

Who can use Bank Verification by ShadvalPay

  • Marketplaces – Verify users and vendors and ensure that the Payout amount is credited to intended beneficiaries only.
  • Businesses and individuals for payment verification – Verify the bank account details and match the name registered at the bank to avoid any transfer failures or reversals.
  • Payments and fin-tech companies – Ensure frictionless on boarding, Verify users details at the bank to avoid details mismatch or failed transactions.

2. PAN Verification

  • Did you know – Under Section 272B of the Income Tax Act 1961, the Income Tax department can impose apenalty of ₹10,000 if anyone is found to have given an incorrect PAN number.
  • Save your business from penalties by verifying the PAN details of your vendors and users with the help of PAN Verification by ShadvalPay!
  • Instant PAN Verification – With ShadvalPay, verify if the PAN is valid, identify the registered name of the card holder along with the nature of the card holde  individual or business.
  • Onboard users and partners with KYC in real-time and ensure payments are going to intended beneficiaries only.
  • Advantage of Our PAN Verification API

• Right from updated PAN database – Check PAN validity and PAN holder details against the latest updated PAN database, and know the status as Valid or Invalid in real-time, 24×7.
• Know the nature of card holder – Just enter PAN and know the nature of card holder – Individual, HUF, Company, Firm, Partnership, Trust, Society, Business, Government, etc.

  • PAN card verification API
    Integrate powerful PAN card Verification API with your product using only a few lines of code andautomate the onboarding process, ensuring payouts to intended beneficiaries with ShadvalPay.
    • Highly reliable and secure APIs
    • Use the official Cashfree Payments libraries for different programming languages to
    integrate with your product and automate PAN verification flow
    • With webhooks, get notified on single or bulk PAN verification status in real-time

3. Aadhar Verification

  • Instantly verify Aadhaar number of users for customer KYC during onboarding and before payouts. Also validate the phone number against the Aadhaar number with Aadhaar OKYC verification.
    – Online Aadhaar Verification – Verification status in real-time
  • Aadhaar is used by businesses to establish identity of users. OKYC/ offline KYC is used to authenticate personal information about any individual in seconds.
  • Just enter the user’s Aadhaar number and validate using OTP delivered to the registered mobile number. Get results like a registered name, gender, address, state, user’s image, father’s name, DOB, Contact number, and email address..


Aadhar verification API
Integrate powerful Aadhaar Verification API with your internal product with minimal effort with ShadvalPay’s highly reliable and secure API.


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