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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 ShadvalPay is an IT and Fintech services provider company and deals with IT market Requirements and custom software.
We are the leading service provider in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, India and providing Recharge. BillPayment -BBPS to our valuable customers. A simple API will give you the power to provide online easy recharge Bill Payment and Banking Services to your customers.

 In order to avail the services provided by ShadvalPay, you need to register first by calling customer support.

If account is debited and recharge is not recieved in the customer mobile number i.e recharge showing success but not recieved, mark it dispute and same will be refunded within 72 hours of time from the time of dispute.

User Balance is your virtual/actual balance against payment made by you in the company’s account,it is used to avail the services offered by ShadvalPay.in

Once you receive the balance or existing balance in your wallet against your payment it will not be refunded in cash or would be transferred in bank by ShadvalPay, you are requested to use the same by availing the services offered by ShadvalPay.

If money was debited but services were not availed against the same, mark it dispute or contact Customer Care.

Yes, you can recharge by sending (Recharge Format) on the mobile number (LONGCODE) provided to you by ShadvalPay SMS Charge/SMS tariff will be applied on transaction.

 To become Distributor/Retailor , fill the enquiry form or contact custome support or sales team.

 Yes to avail the service there is a service charge and same is non refundable.

 Calling Rate for recharge benificiary would be same provided by mobile (telecom ) operator.

 For any queries please contact Customer Care.


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