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Finance Software

Improve and streamline your Group Loans operations.

Technology for greater good – designed especially for Group loans empowers you to further your goals of Financial Inclusion and Micro Credit .The AllCloud advantage

Elevate your operations to new heights.

  • Swifter Data Capture
  • Manage loans better
  • Better credit Decisioning
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Improve loan disbursement rate
  • Intuitive dashboards

Features that complement and supplement your operations.

Group Management: Create & Manage Groups, onboard members & assign group leaders with individual roles – All on your mobile.

Enable Digital KYC: Collect documents, take photos and verify KYC information using our highly powerful API suite. Move to Paper less Loan Origination / Customer Onboarding.

Centre to Zone: Assign multiple hierarchy levels for centre, branch & zone wise monitoring to improve performance tracking & loan surveillance

Field Operations Mobility: Helps field officers foray further into the field and enables on-boarding digitally as well as digital collections.


  • Security enhancements against cybercrime
  • Research and development in banking technology to cater to evolving market scenarios
  • Blockchain solution for a truly connected, world-class banking experience

A Micro finance Company which is also commonly known as Micro credit organization deals in small loan which is less than Rs.50,000 to various household, small businesses who do not have access to formal banking channels or eligibility for loans.

Unsecured loan upto Rs.50000 for business purpose & Rs.125000 for residential dwelling.

Can open branches as there is no specific restriction,however advised to open in limited numbers.

Can charge processing fee upto 1% of the loan amount.

Can charge Interest upto 26% as per calculation as stated above.

  • No minimum capital of 5 Cr
  • No RBI approval
  • Easiest way to start finance business
  • Can charge upto 26% rate of interest.
  • Cannot accept deposits
  • Need to follow RBI guidelines
  • Cannot take profits from company
  • No gold loan type schemes


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